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Using Android apps on Chromebook turned easy

Using Android apps on Chromebook turned easy

In May, Google uncovered Android applications would soon start taking a shot at Chromebooks. The expansion of Android applications to a Chromebook change it from a gadget with a meager application offering, to one with access to for all intents and purposes. Know about it here.

In the event that you possess a Chromebook Flip, you should empower designer mode before the Play Store will appear on your gadget. You can do as such by opening Settings, and then choose the change channel option.

The dev channel

You will get two or three notices which remind you about the instability of the dev channel. As it were, you are prone to experience irregular crashes and bugs when utilizing a Chromebook on the dev channel. In case you’re okay with that, take after the prompts to download and introduce the overhaul.

The new upgrade

With the upgrade introduced, you will have the Play Store application symbol in the application rack at the base of your screen. Tap on it, take after the prompts, and acknowledge some terms and you’re prepared to begin utilizing Android applications on your Chromebook.


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