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Justin Trudeau visits Fort McCurray for the first time!

trudeau-2After severe damage caused, Fort McCurray for the first time gets to see Justin Trudeau. The current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has assessed the damage, has effective plans for them and will come up with something effective for all victims very soon.

Fort McCurray finally sees Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau visited Fort McCurray for the first time and showed his care and support towards victims and empathy towards lost lives. The raging wildlife which started around two weeks back did push around eighty eight thousand people from their homes inside the sands capital of Canada.

Verdict and assessment of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has assessed all damages made and promised to meet the premier of Alberta Rachel Notley along with other emergency workers. The fire had moved towards other parts of the city has well and had destructed about 2,432 structures. It is of about 930 miles and needs immediate help and assistance.


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  1. Ladawn Lewandowski says:

    I heard about it before, but came to know about the details, here. But, how can it be helpful for the citizens of the country?

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