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Core Workouts For A Better Shape

core-workouts-for-a-better-shapeFor a better shape and an even better body, it is important to do some core workouts every day. Those who want to stay healthy and fit must do enough core exercises to give their body a much better shape over time. Keep reading what you must do to stay in good shape.


One of the best ways of staying healthy and fit is by doing enough planks. When you do planks, your body is able to become much stronger over time. Plus an exercise like that can give a better shape to your body and is a must for those who like a bit of a challenge. However, we would suggest you to start off with forty second plank holds and push it upto sixty seconds.


Core workouts also include squats that are a very much a necessity. Not only do they provide you with stability and mobility but also work those muscles and release tension. Squats can shape your body, your buttocks and thighs and give your body a much better shape in the long run. So if you want a good shape, do some squats every day.


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